Awakening the Body
with Ryszard Adamiak

Poznań, Poland
25th November 2017

We all experience our bodies in a unique way. This experience, however, changes depending on a situation. If this is the case, it means we depend on external factors: we are influenced by other people, weather, social attitudes ...
In consequence, our breathing is also disturbed and this causes a change in the mood and increased irritability.
Do you feel this subliminal anxiety, do you experience your body as heavy or, finally, do you find it difficult to breathe full and deep?
If this is the case, then perhaps learning these five simple exercises from the Tibetan Tsa Lung Yoga will help you release the unnecessary tension that has built up to block your body and your breath alike.
Traditional Tibetan medicine uses them as healing methods allowing to stay healthy and keep the physical body in balance.
In the spiritual practice, they allow to overcome and transform negative habitual patterns into positive qualities.
They are used as a support for resting in clear mediation of the Nature of Mind.
You are welcome to join us and learn how to take advantage of all the positive qualities of the five Tsa Lung exercises.

November 25, 2017, Studio Jogi "Yam", ul.Kochanowskiego 4, Poznan.

Practice and Teaching Sessions
11.00.-12.15. Explanation of Tterms ‘Tsa’ and ‘Lung’, the History and Origin of the Practice.
Introduction to the Breathing Method (practice, Q&A).
12.30.-13.45. Practical Instructions (Q&A).
14.00.-15.15. The Meaning of the Five Types of ‘Lung’ for Health and Spiritual Development (Q&A)
15.30.-16.30. Full Tsa Lung Practice. Conclusion of the Course.

Ryszard Adamiak
Instructor at Ligmincha Polska
Suggested donation: PLN 60 (for members of Ligmincha: PLN 50)
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; phone: +48 500 177 147

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