The Sun of Sherab Chamma
Poznan, 26th November 2017


When for an umpteenth time we bounce off the wall of helplessness unable to take another step, we begin to feel haunted by a sense of sadness, powerlessness, even paralysis. Constructive action seems to be way out of our reach.
Frustration and pain leave deep scars in us which come to surface at the most difficult and most crucial moments of our life. They block us from accessing our positive qualities, our true ‘Self’.
At moments like this we tend to say ‘Time heals all wounds’, but does it really? Is this really what happens? Does it heal wounds or only dresses them? And perhaps it just puts them in storage of our Pandora’s box which only waits to get opened? And then what?

If this subject inspires you and you want to find answers to these and other questions, join us on November 26 at Studio Jogi “Yam” in Poznan, ul. Kochanowskiego 4 for one-day workshops entitled ‘Awakening Compassion’.

The workshops will focus on an ancient Tibetan practice of Sherab Chamma meditation which over centuries has brought relief to and helped countless people.
You are welcome to join us to become familiar with this method.

Practice and Teaching Sessions:
09.00.-10.00. The Source and Meaning of Sherab Chamma Practice (lecture, Q&A)
10.15.-11.30. Introduction to Meditation (meditation, experience sharing)
11.45.-13.00. How Can Sherab Chamma Change Our Life. Meditation Session.
13.20.-15.00. Q&A. Conclusion of the Course. Meditation.

Ryszard Adamiak
Instructor at Ligmincha Polska
Suggested donation: PLN 60 (for members of Ligmincha: PLN 50)
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; phone: +48 500 177 147

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