Umze retreat with John Jackson
29-30th April 2017, Chamma Ling centre
Street Aleja Huberta 4, Wilga, Poland

Retreat for umze (only for umzes and instructors of Ligmincha International)


Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche formed an international group including John Jackson to develop a new training program for umzes (practice leaders) and instructors. This retreat will be the first time this new training is offered anywhere in the world. All umzes and instructors from throughout the world are invited to this event. The retreat will include:


  • In depth instruction and clarification on the core meditation practices shared through Ligmincha
  • How to most effectively teach and lead these practices with different audiences, from beginners to experienced practitioners
  • Discussion of the internal challenges of being a practice leader or instructor
  • How to be a better leader and work effectively with your group
  • How to support the development of your spiritual community


 The retreat will include many opportunities to discuss with John and others the challenges you have experienced and the support that you need. This is also your opportunity to get to know your fellow umzes, and to shape future training and support materials that will be offered to umzes and instructors through your feedback. Please join us and be one of the first to enjoy this new training.

Program of the day:
Session 1 -  10-11.30 a.m.
Session 2 -  12-1p.m.
Session 3 - 3-4.30 p.m.
Session 4 - 5-6 p.m.

Practical information

Address: Chamma Ling, Al. Huberta 4, Wilga, Poland

Clik to know: how to get there?

Suggested donation for retreat: 150 PLN (35 euro)

Registration for accommodation in the Chamma Ling: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Suggested donation for accommodation (per night) include:

Big house – 40PLN (=10 euros), Little House – 30PLN (=8 euros), Dormitory ‘Przychodnia’ - 25 PLN (=6 euros) (three rooms with two places, and room 9 with beds), Old Gompa – 15PLN (=4 euros, Dormitory - 20 places - you have to bring your sleeping bag and sleeping mat), Tent - 15 PLN (=4 euros) per person.

John Jackson
began his training in meditation when he was 19, practicing a variety of methods from pranayama to Tibetan dzogchen. During his studies and explorations he has traveled on pilgrimages around the world  and spent lengthy periods of time in retreat in Triten Norbutse and Menri monasteries in Nepal and India.  Over the past 20 years John has  developed close relationships with and received private instruction from His Holiness Lungtog Tenpai Nyima and Yongdzin Tenzin Namdak, the two most senior teachers of the Bön lineage, and Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, the most senior Bön master in the West. He has been teaching meditation courses at Ligmincha Institute and related centers across the United States  and Europe since 2001, including Tibetan Dream Yoga, the Nine Ways of Bön, Integrating Meditation with Daily Life, Healing the Earth – Healing Yourself, Tsa Lung, Tibetan Sound Healing, Awakening the Luminous Mind, and Red Garuda. He is co-leader for the 3 Doors Academy of Europe, an intensive three year program for gaining deep experience in the Tibetan practices of body, speech and mind.

John was a professor at the University of Virginia for 23 years and regularly taught medical student classes and faculty development workshops. His interests include effective teaching methods, curriculum design, and online learning. He received the Dean’s Teaching Award, was a member of the Academy of Distinguished Educators, and regularly presented the results of his team’s educational research in professional journals and at conferences throughout the United States and Europe.

John helped establish Ligmincha Institute  beginning in 1992, organizing most retreats, editing practice materials, and serving on its board of directors until 1997. At the request of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche in 2001, he helped establish the Chamma Ling Retreat Center of Colorado, a place of solitary retreat in the remote Sangre de Christo mountains of Colorado, and currently serves as a director of that center. John was also active in the planning and initial setup of Lishu Institute, near Dheradun, India.

John lives near Charlottesville, Virginia, where he enjoys gardening, being a father, and spending time in solitude in the mountains.

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