Lishu Institute Three Year Residential Retreat

The Nine Ways of Bon
Registration is now open for the commencement of the first Three Year Residential Reteat. Lishu welcomes your application to join in this exceptionally valuable learning program. More information:

We are delighted to announce the beginning of teachings this year as we continue to fulfill Rinpoche’s aspiration for Lishu Institute. The Lishu 2015 Spring Retreats, Phowa and Tibetan Language, have been presented by wonderful teachers under the joyful guidance and support of Geshe Thupten Negi, Secretary of Lishu Institute.

The Three Year Residential Program will begin September 14, 2015. “The Nine Ways of Bon” will be the content of the first year of study and practice.

This schedule is based on a Western Monday to Friday work week.

1) First Trimester
September 14, 2015 -- November 20, 2015: Teachings
November 20, 2015 -¬‐ January 4, 2016: Winter break, including two weeks personal retreat
2) Second Trimester
January 4, 2016 -¬‐ March 11, 2016: Teachings
March 11, 2016 -¬‐ March 28, 2016: Personal retreat
3) Third Trimester
March 28, 2016 -¬‐ June 3, 2016: Teachings
June 3, 2016 -¬‐ September 19, 2016: Summer break, including seven weeks personal retreat

The second year of study will concentrate on "The Mother Tantra" and the third year will focus on the "Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyu".

Tuition for the first year is USD $6,000.00 -¬‐ six thousand dollars.
The estimated costs for materials/books/stay at Menri Monastery are USD $1,000.00.

Applicants may apply for a full year of studies or a partial year. Tuition per trimester is USD $2,000.

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